As a Psychologist, I've spent thousands of hours listening to people recount their life stories. None of my clients appear in my stories, but they’ve taught me how to listen, and they’ve helped me see the ways a generation and a culture can shape a person's life.

I’m interested in ideas, but I’m more interested in living well each day. I believe that the deepest meaning can be found in the simplest things. My husband and I walk together almost every day, for a total of more than a thousand miles a year. It's good exercise, it grounds me, and it's a good way for my husband and me to keep talking to each other.

I have children and grandchildren who add much love and humor to my life. For fun I write poetry and travel to exotic places. From my grandkids I learn about hand puppets, drumming, and video games.

For the bulk of my career, I worked as a Licensed Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Addictions Counselor and Trainer. I've also worked as a Professor of Psychology, a Prison Educator, an English Language Teacher in China, and a trainer for American Red Cross International Services. My home base is Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I still teach and volunteer, but these days I especially enjoy keeping up with friends and family, and of course, writing.